Let me Axe you a question.

Yeah… I went there, deal with it. But anyways, I’ve started on a new weapon, found the concept somewhere on the internet, don’t remember where. but i’ll post it here to show where the idea is from.


Now, remember, the concept was not done by me, but heres a screen of the high-res and low res model, I still have some details to sculpt in, then will be retop, and baking and texturing.



World of Words – Final

So, I’m official calling this done, its not that its perfect. It is not that i can’t do more to it, but i’ve been working on it for awhile. The composition turned out great and the lighting is good. The textures are nice and crisp. So, it is done. This piece is going into my portfolio, and I’m happy about it, I love this scene and I think it turned out right.


Almost done.

Well, its been a good run with this piece, World of Words, I’m happy with the composition, the lighting, the textures and the models. Overall, it’s a good piece. Now, I only have one thing I really want to get done with on this piece before I feel I can call it done, and thats the emissive on the. I want it to pan, but not the uvs. Well, heres a few shots.



World of Words – Progress

As it should be obvious, even though I haven’t been posting much lately, I am and always have been working diligently on projects. And this is one of them, I posted an update awhile ago of it. And here is some progress, I plan on making the platform bigger, adding a few more things to make it pop some more and thinking of a new pedestal to put under the book.


I have also been working on redoing the composition and models of the AlleyWay scene I posted progress on last month. Both are steadily moving towards completion.