DayZ Wallpaper

Image Here is a wallpaper I made to replace my last one, of which I got bored of. Although this is a thumbnail, you can find 3 resolutions on my website.

I uploaded these because of a friend suggesting it.



Ok, so heres an update. A lot of work has gone in it since the last time I posted, which was a long while ago now. And I have a few screens from the level. The lighting has not be done, just a directional has been thrown into the level so i can see it better when placing objects. I still have to go back through and fix some textures. and to add a few more models. I am aiming to have this done by the 15th, so wish me luck. Also, and lastly, Unity has been very rough on me… placing is a little bit of an annoyance, as well as material creation. also the fact that a lot of options are locked due to a free version.

And now, for what you have all been waiting for, the screens:

Shot 1

shot 3

shot 4

shot 2