Workflow Tutorial – Photobased Texturing

I am proud to announce my first tutorial. This one showing my workflow for making photobased textures. Its pretty simple and basic.

Tutorial showing my workflow for photobased texturing shown below


Update – UDK

Well, the project is going nicely, a few hiccups here and there, took a break for a day and a half, then decided to hit the tablet full force. Banged out some textures, they still need some work. Using the default night sky preset in UDK, makes for a nice presentation, still trying to get it to look the way i want it too, but I’ll get it there. And here are some lovely little screen grabs for you all.

Smaller Progress

Well, I started working on something else for this, and then decided to scrap it for this project and use it for something else. Here is a small update right now. added a cooler and bottles. adding a chair and then working on some other small things that will be placed around the ground, oh yeah, need to make the ground too haha.