Very Small Update.



Ok, small update here, so I’ll just list it and show a cap.


– Fixed the scaling (somewhat).

– Started on some high-res details.

– Did some texturing.

– Added quick lighting.



There does seem to be an issue with my texture right now, looks very flat. There is a normal on it, I’m gonna assume its from the diffuse. And the spec is a little bit too perfect.


Well, its been… a while.

Ok, so, to let everyone know, I have been doing some art here and there. Got a little lazy for a week or two. I’m still working on the flask (getting some practice in sculpting.) but i don’t have anything to show for it yet. I’m also still working on the scythe. And I’ve started working on a knife that was concepted by the same guy that concepted the flask, you can find him here: And I’ve started working on the Monthly Noob Challenge over at polycount, which you can find that here: And now for the screencaps.





Knife: Gonna redo the sculpting for the bands on the handle.