Demo Reel.

Hey there guys and gals. I’m back with an update.

My demo reel is DONE! Well, superficially done, meaning I decided to just step back and say I’m done with it. Remember, you can always make something better, but there is always a point where you need to say its good the way it is. You can find my 2012 Demo Reel on my website located and the youtube link located

I hope you all enjoy. Now, I’m going to enjoy some free time, then job hunt like a mad mad man. Or a crazed artist looking for a job, however you want to look at it.



Sooooo… In the next week, I will have graduated from Full Sail University, And I will begin my next adventure into the industry of games. Its been one hell of a ride, and a damn good one. Also, when I leave Full Sail, I will be making videos of me modeling, going through my process, from modeling to uving to eventually texturing. I hope you all enjoy.