Small Update

Fixed up a few things, changed the lighting a tad, gotta fix a few issues with that still, but it can wait. I did some more models, like the wall mount, which is going to be a 3 monitor display. I made the planter, setup the benches and the lockers. Still doing some planning. Also starting work on another project, this one might be pretty big, but i wont be talking about it anymore than that. So, heres the update:


Bit of an update

Yes, I am taking this project a bit slow. mainly because I want to do it right. I finished up modeling the roof piece, next is to do the door on the right, and then do some quick modeling for the walls on the right, then the floor and lastly, the end wall/door. then I’ll do the small pieces like the sign, the benches, and the planter/plants. Then I’ll work on some textures a bit more, make others, fix the lighting then do some stuff for the outside.



Another small update

I know its probably annoying that i’m doing a lot of small updates. at some point i’ll get a lot done before i post, but for now:

Mainly a change in handling certain pieces, instead of doing a normal/ao bake, I decided to use more geo, added a quick trans mat for the window, did some more lighting to show some more things, and still planning for some new things.


Back At It.

So, this past month has been tough on me emotionally. And I’m starting to get back to things. I did miss the contest deadline, but I will still be working on it. But since the contest/challenge is over, I’ll be taking it a little bit slower, instead of rushing progression on it. heres a quick peak:


The lighting is no where near final, its quick rough and basic. I’m currently working on the models, and planning for later.

I am also still working on the knife, and the dragon kask that I started a while back. still getting more practice in sculpting.

Very Small Update.



Ok, small update here, so I’ll just list it and show a cap.


– Fixed the scaling (somewhat).

– Started on some high-res details.

– Did some texturing.

– Added quick lighting.



There does seem to be an issue with my texture right now, looks very flat. There is a normal on it, I’m gonna assume its from the diffuse. And the spec is a little bit too perfect.